-Ivan & Shir
8th June 2013
Thank you for the very pretty decor!Our guests and us really like the decorations! Thanks for making effort to search for big and nice sunflowers even though it is not the season. Thanks for accomodating to our last minute requests with no additional charges :)
-Stella Chan & Steven Wong
25th May 2013
Thanks for the decor! We liked the decor very much!
-Punitha JayNash
12th May 2013
Thank u for the prompt delivery! My SIL & Bro said it was very much delivered earlier in the afternoon.. She loved the bouquet! Thank you for the service... great service!
-Daniel Quek & Xuiling Tan
11th May 2013
Thanks for the decor and for your service! We liked it alot!
-Fiona Kay
10th Apr 2013
Thank you! My Mother-In-Law loves them.. Thank you for always giving your best!! That's why I love placing my orders with you...
-Terry Chia & Stella Lim
2nd Feb 2013 
We really love the decor done for our ROM. It was very elegant and beautifully set up. Thank you very much for your wonderful decor and friendly service!
-Stanley Lim & Angelia Tan
2nd Dec 2012
Thank you for the wonderful decoration. It was really beautiful and made our day! Great service!J
-Bruno & Linda
18th Sep 2012
We really love it! Thanks for the wonderful creation. The decoration turned out better than I expected. Highly recommended for the friendly and efficient service ?
-Annie Pamela
2nd Sep 2012
Many thanks to dear Subasini Sukumaran from Virgoan's Florals who was awesome and sweet, calling me and asking for my preference for each item so that my big day would be memorable... Hugs darlz
-Shameemah Banu
18th Aug 2012
I really liked the Hari Raya hamper set from the packing to the way the kuehs tasted! Thank you so much & will surely buy more goodies from you in the future ?
-Ken & Emily
11th Aug 2012
If you are looking for flowers decoration that you and your guests like it so much, there is Virgoan's Florals.
We appointed Virgoan's Florals to decorate on our ROM, the centerpiece on ROM table, hand bouquet & flowers on reception table very match to what we like. It was awesome!
Thanks for your work! 
-Chua Siao Wen & Rong Jing Xiang
10th Aug 2012
I ordered ROM package A and was so glad I did that. It was a rather last minute decision to add on some decor and ambience to a simply ROM ceremony at home so I was doubtful any florist could accede to such a last minute request but Suba did. A very dedicated florist who was able to deliver the concept I had in mind just by a couple of photographs shown. Loved the elegant hand bouquet and centre piece!
-Ganesan Soma
16th July 2012
Thanks for the beautiful bouquets! They were awesome! :)
-Sanjit Silva & Fiona Kay
8th July 2012
Thank you, thank you for our temple wedding decor! Hugs! It turned out for beautiful then expected!!
-Daniel Lee & Foong Ling
20th May 2012
Thanks for everything you had done for us... It's fantastic and my folks loved the design...
-Fiona Kay
13th May 2012
Thank you for putting the big smile on my SIL's face... she's sooo loving them.. & thank you for taking up the last minute order and pulling forth a beautiful one.. As always U are the best and I never have to worry on the result of what the bouquet would look like as you always give your best! God bless n may your creations put smiles on the many more faces to come...
-Fiona Kay
9th May 2012
The flowers as always fresh n beautiful.. Loved the packaging.. Thanks once again for making the Mums in my family smile.. Everyone of them loved it.. and it was good fun giving them out! :-) God bless..
-Fiona Kay
11th Apr 2012
Thks dear! As alwayz u never fail to surprise :-) The roses were beautiful n soooo red... My MIL loved it.....Thk you for brightenin her bday! :-)
-Carina Tan
11th Feb 2012
Thank you for the ROM Bouquet! I love it, it's beautiful!
-Bobby & Irene
11th Feb 2012
Beautiful decor for our ROM! Thanks for the extra touch at the railings, I love it! Great job done! 
- Freddy & Kah Yan
28th Jan 2012
Thank you very much! The ROM decor is really lovely :)
-Aru & Esswari
27th Jan 2012
Thank you so much!!! I love it!! It's really beautiful!! I never imagined my Engagement will look so grand!!!! Thanks to you!!
-Mohd Faizal & Siti Zarina
2nd Dec 2011
Received your Rocher Bouquet! Thank you very much! It's so nice!!
-Maggie & Michael
20th Nov 2011
Thank you for the awesome decor for my ROM! We definitely loved it! Thanks soooo much!!! :-)
-James & Jill
5th Nov 2011
Hi Suba, didn't have a chance to thank you on my Big Day. The decor was very nice and the guests love it! Thanks for the great job! We would definitely recommend your decor services! :-)
-Eric & Tiffany
30th Oct 2011
Hi Suba, thank you so much for your wonderful decor for our ROM Event despite a short notice! We loved it so much! Once again, thank you for your decor and great service :)
-Fiona Kay
26th June 2011
As Always! Thanks for the beautiful Father's Day hampers!
20th June 2011 
My sister's ceremony was truly a beautiful and memorable event, thanks to Virgoan's Florals. That day after the decor was done, I was stunned at how gorgeous the hall looked with all your creative and beautiful decor. Everything was perfect, the flowers, the backdrop set-up, absolutely everything. Thank you for going all out of your way to ensure that my sis had a beautiful engagement ceremony. I could definitely see that a lot of effort went into your work and that you definitely take pride in giving the best to your clients. Once again, thank you and I wish you more success ahead with Virgoan's Florals :-)
-Fiona Kay
19th June 2011
Thank you for the lovely decor!! Once again fantastic job!! and thanks for bringing out the best of our request and accommodating our request and giving suggestions =) The decor were simply beautiful! You not only did a fantastic job, you went to add some special touches! Thank you for the beautiful set up for Archerna's Engagement!
-Fiona Kay & Billy Silva
8th May 2011
Thank you for the beautiful flowers as always! The Mother's were super delighted and loved them! Once again fantastic work done & thanks for the personal touch of the card which I totally forgot about =)
-Ms Rajes Sogamaur
2nd Feb 2011
We would like to sincerely thank you for your wonderful service and beautiful deco...You made our place look really classic and cosy with those rose petals and candles....It created a romantic ambience...I had no regrets in choosing your services, and will definitely recommend Virgoan’s Florals to our friends....Also thanks for quoting such good deal....All the best :)
-Ms Fiona Kay
23rd Nov 2010
Thanks Suba for making them so pretty for mummy!!! *Hugzzzzz* She loves them alotttttt!!!! 

Customer Service from Virgoans Florals - 5 STARS!!! Top Class Personalization. U never fail to mesmerise me with your creations. Once again thanks Suba!!

Ok anyone and everyone who wanna order, Virgoans Florals come highly recommended. For those who know me, u know how much I love flowers and always like the idea of gifting them so I am particular about flower selections and customer service :)

Keep it up!! U are definitely my number 1 choice :)
-Azizah Syed
18th Aug 2010
Hi dear, thank you for the lovely flowers and great service. Both my mum and hubby were pleasantly surprised. Thanks again!
18th Aug 2010
Flowers were very fresh and big at affordable prices! Nice way of flower arrangements!
-Kevin & Sharon (for Bridal Car Decor & Wedding Bouquets)
26th Jul 2009

Thank you for the decor! We are very pleased with your creation! They are very nice!
-Mrs Shalina Raman
31st May 2009

Thank you so much! My mother just absolutely LOVED the bouquet (BQ052). I'll write a nice recommendation on your website! And thank you for being able to accommodate the change in delivery times at such a last minute. Looks like the bouquet was delivered exactly at 11.30am! Great job! It was really good catching up with you. Will definitely be using more of your services since I am so far from home and will need to send gifts for birthdays all the time.
-Mrs Azizah Syed
6th May 2009

Hi Suba, my mom loves the flowers. Thank you for the beautiful arrangement. The carnations and roses complement each other very well as well as add a touch of sweetness to the whole package. I'll definitely come back for more! :) and btw, thank you for the delivery and being so accommodating.
-Ms Latha
15th Apr 2009
"Your floral deco looks perfect.. u did my bouquet too.. for my 21st b'day last yr. remember? I screamed in joy when i saw that bouquet. haha.. thank you so much for that."
-Ms Vidya @ SPH Media Centre
5th Apr 2009
"Hi Suba. The bouquet is beautiful. My friend liked the bouquet alot. Thank you so much. We have lots of events coming up. Will definitely get back to you. Take care. Cheers!!"
-Agnes (Roselodge Florist)
21st May 2008
Marvelous pictures on all flowers including your pretty photo. Congratulation, you are all ready to get set and go. You are one of the best and fastest students. Keep going. All the best to you!