Dear Couples,

It is your wedding and here at Virgoan’s Florals, we will help you to make your big day a sweet and everlasting memory. We specialize in venue decoration for ROM (solemnizations), wedding flowers like bridal hand bouquets, wrist corsages, groom's pin corsages etc. We believe that every bride deserves to have her own fairytale wedding and it is our commitment to deliver that to you, at a reasonable price.

We offer a range of attractive packages designed to suit your ideal solemnization venue. For couples who wish for a simple yet special ceremony held in your own home/function room, packages, "Sweet Memories" or "Enchanted Moments" will suit to your needs. For couples who wish to have your solemnization held at a chalet, cafe or restaurant, packages, "Enchanted Moments", "Truly Devoted" or "Dazzling Romance" will be ideal, depending on the magnitude of your event. For each of the packages, we will customize it to suit to your preferred colour themes. If you need a customized package, kindly pls reach us for a personal consultation to suit to your needs.

We offer the following packages:

ROM / Solemnization Packages

  1. Sweet Memories ROM Package ($400)
  2. Enchanted Moments ROM Package ($500)
  3. Truly Devoted ROM Package ($600)
  4. Dazzling Romance ROM Package ($700)

Church Wedding Packages

  1. Divine Union Church Wedding Package ($900)
  2. Holy Union Church Wedding Package ($1200)
  3. Blissful Matrimony Church Wedding Package ($1500)
  4. Celestial Matrimony Church Wedding Package ($2000)

 Actual Day Wedding Packages

  1. Everlasting Love Actual Day Wedding Package ($3000)
  2. Eternal Love Actual Day Wedding Package ($4000)

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